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miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012

SALMO 55 (56)

Actualizado Hace 8 horas · Tomadas en Berlín
If God is with me who can be against me? Sex and religion, the naked body and the biblical psalms together in “If God is with me, who can be against me,” a joint exhibition of Argentine artists Sergio Gravier and Rö Barragan and which had a very special preview a few weeks ago: an urban preview which exceeded the country’s borders , with stickers and posters announcing a sort of good news, but this time it was not Jesus who was announced, but men and women free of clothing and prejudices, all with biblical text as visual backgrounds. The new prophecy was preached by Barragan and Gravier who were not looking for faithful followers, but quite the opposite. They are pursuing those with self awareness, who think outside the dictates of government big or small, civil and religious authorities. But this urban art show was only the preview, the true taste of the exhibition, featuring digital photo montages composed by friends of the artists themselves. Apostles without fear or shame, whose nakedness front, back, partial or complete, contrast the verses, but only in appearance at first glance: the fact is that the images are merged without violence into a single whole, in a clear message but that each viewer must read, even write. We must not forget that the Holy Scriptures are full of blood, sweat and semen, but that Catholicism has made these elements into sins, punishable by Hell. The Church as an institution has used these teachings as a means to stall the advancement of modern
society, where families should no longer be mom + dad + children, but rather all combinations possible, if affection accompanies union. The Church, more mediocre rulers and cowardly artists insist on not seeing the reality: that the human body, with or without clothes, is beautiful. That should not cause any controversy, negative or incendiary reviews. Hopefully the exposure of Barragan and Gravier’s exhibition, scheduled to open this Winter in Berlin, will help others think about sexual identities and how we relate to each other. Religious and Atheists; heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and transsexual; right or left; left or right handed; All are people at the end of the day. Texto: Antonio Heras Translated by Brad Crothers.
this is my latest serie of work start as a st art intervention, over the citys of Buenos Aires, Paris, New York, Madrid,Jean, Miami, San Francisco, La Rioja (Argentina) Cordoba (Argentina) and Berlin, ending in an expo in the city of Berlin and a serial of urban intslation.THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT AND HELPING HAND TO ALL MY FRIENDS!! having same good press coments in Berlin and Spain. Thank a Lot!!

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